Monday, March 2, 2009

Be Careful What You Ask For

I've been bad mouthing Winter most of the season. No White Christmas. No snow all year really. Just unseasonably cold weather. Now that March is upon us, I'm looking forward to warmer weather. The beginning of Spring. Being able to get out on the water. And what do I get? Six inches of the white stuff. Very pretty and a dry fluffy snow. Not the wet heavy stuff we normally get. I didn't brave the snow covered roads as my work location was due to get more snow than where I live. Ann called the vanpool and said "See you tomorrow suckers" and we went back to sleep for another 2 hours. The snow ended about 930 and is seriously melting although the temperatures are still in the 20s. We also had an unknown good Samaritan come by and shovel out our driveway for us. I think its the next door neighbor, but its weird we wouldn't have heard the shoveling. He's due a bottle of wine for his efforts. In return, I helped my neighbor on the other sides clear their sidewalks and driveway. Good neighborhood karma all around. Here's what it looked like looking out our garage this morning:
Looking down our driveway, you can see where someone came by and made an effort to clean our driveway. I still can't believe we didn't hear them. Maybe we need to turn down the TV in the morning.

We also had some visitors last week before it snowed. We've always had a few deer wandering around in the woods behind out house, but never this many in one spot out on the road. Pretty to watch.

Not much going on here over the weekend. I did manage to erg on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now if I could just make myself do one session during the week. Besides erging, most of the weekend was spent either watching movies (Ghost Town and 27 Dresses) or college basketball. March Madness is almost upon us.


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What did you think of the movies?

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