Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Brackets Are Running Red

The first two rounds of have just scorched my brackets. The idea of picking upsets seemed like such a good idea, but there are no Cinderellas this year. In the first round I was 21-11 with the Midwest a total disaster. In the second round I was 8-8. Lets go to the videotape (do they even have videotape anymore?)

I'm already down 2 games in the Sweet 16 in the East as I had Florida St and VCU advancing to the Sweet 16. Ouch. I still have Duke and Pitt advancing to the Elite 8 so I have a chance to recover in this region. Villanova looked pretty good though and Duke could be in trouble. On the other hand Villanova was playing at home for the first two rounds.

My best region to date. I missed two games in Round 1 (Butler and Clemson), but my other picks all advanced. My picks for the Sweet 16 all made it. A plus.

OMG what a disaster the Midwest is. Utah, Wake Forest, West Virginia and Boston College all went down in the first round. I had BC going to the Elite 8, which really screws me. Louisville is my only remaining pick in this Region. I did pick Louisville (me and the rest of the world) to make the Final Four though.

BYU, Mississippi State and Utah State all went down in the first Round. I do have 3 of the 4 teams in the Sweet 16 though with only Mississippi state not making it. My second best region outside the South.

I can't wait until Thursday. let the madness continue. I do admit that not having a true Cinderella this year is a bit if a bummer. No glass slippers this year.

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