Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Movie, A Walk and A War

Sunday and the Monday holiday were lazy days for the most part. Sunday I did manage to finish our taxes before heading off to my erg class. That's done for another year. We had another full class (20+ rowers). Our Instructor is still nursing a foot (ankle?) injury and can't erg herself. Rowers take turns at the Instructor erg leading the class while our Instructor calls out what she wants done (1/2 pressure, 3/4 pressure, power 10s. etc.). The audio system was giving her fits and went in the tank on our last piece. What was suppose to be our last hard piece ended up being about 1,000 meters longer than planned as we rowed and rowed and rowed some more until she got the CD player working again. I got in 11,500 meters, which is about 1,500 meters more than usual. I was beat and dragged my butt out of the gym. Sunday afternoon Ann and I watched "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Now I think Catherine is gorgeous and always enjoyable on the eyes, but the movie was just so-so.

Monday provided us with quite a delightful day as the temperature reached the low 70s. We took advantage by giving the dogs some extra time outside. I also talked Ann into trying a different bike in anticipation of starting to ride in the near future. It was the same bike used by The Son on our Labor Day ride on the W&OD Trail. We made a few adjustments to the seat height and she seemed to like it so will see how bike riding season goes this year. I wanted to go on a ride after she tested the bike, but Ann thought it too windy and suggested a walk instead. I really don't like to take walks. I find them pretty boring. I should note that I don't consider hiking the same as taking a walk around the neighborhood, which is what we did. The only thing worse than walking is running/jogging in my book. Anyway, I know Ann is trying to get into more regular walks and lord knows she tolerates me being gone a lot for rowing so I agreed to walk with her. We walked a little over a mile to the middle school and did two laps around their track and then another mile home. A total of about 2.5 miles. While we were walking the temperature dropped about ten degrees. By nightfall, the temperature was back to a more seasonal 43. At least we had the warmth for most of the day. We wrapped up our holiday by watching "Inside the Vietnam War" on the National Geographic Channel. It was three hours long, but very well done and had some great film footage. It seems we need to relearn some lessons over and over while the youth of our nation pay the price.

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