Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Ice Man Cometh and One Year Ago

Yesterday was Virginia's primary election and I was looking forward to voting in it. In Virginia you can chose to vote in whichever party's primary you want. I figured the Republican side was all but locked up by McCain, so I was going to vote in the Democratic primary. Unfortunately the weather had a say in it all. On voting days, we usually try to leave work an hour early. We must have been brain dead (or just too tired) to think about coordinating 8 different people's schedule in order for the vanpool to leave early. By the time we thought of it, it was too late and we paid for that mistake. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get home in the freezing rain. The last 16 miles alone took over two hours. The Springfield interchange, better known as the mixing bowl, where three interstates converge was shut down as all the new flying ramps were iced over. Even after we took back roads to avoid Springfield, we got caught in the HOV lanes as they closed them right in front of us to clear an accident. Three and a half hour commutes suck.

My Dad celebrated his 79th birthday over the weekend. My sister and her husband took him out for a lobster tail dinner. Ann, The Son and I called to wish him a Happy Birthday. Here's to many more Dad.

Speaking of The Son, he was over on Sunday and we went over his taxes. They're still pretty easy to do since he bought his Condo so late in the year. Next year he can start itemizing. He came over again on Tuesday and had dinner with Ann while I was stuck out highway. At least someone got a warm meal.

Daughter#2 called on Saturday to let us know her dog Gracie, had been injured while they were hiking. She has no idea what happened. Gracie is use to being let off her leash during their hikes and running ahead and to the side of her and her husband, but always returning from time to time to check on them. This time when she returned she had a nasty gash on her side. One that required 18 stitches to close up. Poor Gracie.

February 12th also marked the first anniversary of Ready....Row. I've enjoyed writing it and hope you've enjoyed reading it. Comments and e-mails are always welcome.

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Kimberly said...

Aw happy anniversary! and Happy valentine's day! Love you dad!!