Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sloth

I erged this morning for the first time in over a week. Needless to say my time for my 5,000 meter piece was pretty hurting. My time was closer to 22 minutes then the 21 minutes it needs to be. As Daughter#1, who is my crew conscience, likes to remind me, it's winter conditioning that determines who will make the "A" boat come the spring. Being what the rowing community considers a lightweight rower (i.e., less than 165 lbs) plus being only 5'6" on agood day, the only way I can compete with the other guys in my club is to be in better shape and to have better technique. I need to step up the erging to 4 times a week and also start hitting the weights 3 times a week. Easier said than done with my work schedule so we'll see.

My eyes are feeling much better although the rims of my eyes are still a little red looking. I'm applying heat a few times a day, taking antibotics and using an ointment. I can tell the swelling is way down from what it was.

Friday was a work from home day, which was just as well as the forecast called for freezing rain. Ann went and worked from The Son's condo waiting for the plumber, who was to check for leaks in the bathroom. They had rescheduled twice on us and we were suppose to their first call of the day. He still didn't show up until after 10:00. The good news is no leaks were found. So we're not sure where things go from here. If the occupants of the unit below The Son's still complain about leaks, then the only way to find the leak is to cut into their ceiling to find it. Given their silence over the past week or so, the leak can't be very big and maybe the problem has resolved itself. Time will tell.

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