Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Door

The weathermen were predicting a sizable snow and ice storm for us today. The schools were closed in anticipation. Of course all we got was rain. Mostly. There was some minor icing on the grass and on cars, but the roads were fine. Not that it mattered to me seeing today was my off Friday.

Yesterday, I took a work from home day so I could babysit at The Son's condo while his sliding glass door was replaced. His old door was an accident waiting to happen. It wouldn't slide very well and kept jumping the tracks and actually fell in on him and his gf one time. Definitely time for a replacement.

The contractor showed up just after 9:30 to begin work. First order of business, remove the old door and install the new frame.

This turned out to be trickier than planned as the brick frame wasn't square by a long shot. Thank god I wasn't doing this. Once the frame was in, the job went much faster. Here the frame and door are in with just some framing on top to complete. The building dates back to the 60s and I assume the size of a standard sliding glass door was a few inches taller back then. No one makes them that size any more, hence the need to frame in the open area left by the bigger older door.

I might add that while all this was going on, it was about 25 degrees out. It was freezing inside what with no door and all. I had the heat cranked up, but it was still cold. I worked out of the second bedroom where The Son has his desktop set up.

Here is the finished effort. The door is in and the curtains back up. The Son is cleaning off the adhesive left by after peeling off some labels on the door. Looks pretty good. Now he can go out on his balcony and smoke (yuck).

Since today was our day off, Ann and I decided to take in a movie. This is not a great time of year for new movies. Too late for the Christmas releases and too early for the summer releases. It's known as the dumping ground for bad movies. So not a lot appealed to us. We decided to go and see Juno. It was a cute movie and handled a delicate subject well. Juno reminded me a lot of Daughter#2, less the being pregnant at 16 part, of course. It had a lot of good laughs in it and a reminder how painful high school can be.

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