Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Concert Week

Well Bah! Humbug! Here it is and I missed the second day of posting for Holidailes. What a way to start. Just plum forgot about it. Obviously my memory isn't what it use to be or at least not that I remember. :-)

This week is concert week for Ann and I. Monday night we saw "Jersey Boys" down at the National Theatre and tonight we will make our way down to the Verizon Center with The Son to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I've been wanting to see "Jersey Boys" for a while now. I've been a fan of the 4 Seasons for a long time dating back to the days when I was a Jersey Boy myself. Not enough of a fan to spend hundreds of dollars to go to NY to see it on Broadway, but a fan. I finally saw that a touring company was bringing the show to Washington and I couldn't wait to buy tickets. That is until I saw the prices. Not that they were outrageous by theatre standards, but theatre tickets do not come cheap. So I hem and hawed and didn't buy tickets when they first were available. I procrastinated some more and it wasn't to a few weeks ago that I finally bit the bullet and got us tickets. As Monday approached. we couldn't decide either how to get down to the theatre. Take the Metro? Drive? As it turned out, a person in our vanpool had just been down to the National a few days before, loved the show, but told us how it took an hour just to get out of the parking garage after the show. I wanted to take the Metro based on that, but Ann wanted us to drive so drive we did. Getting in was not a problem, A little traffic getting over the 14th Street bridge was all. Right before turning onto Pennsylvania Ave, we saw a presidential motorcade roar on by. That was kind of neat. So we parked down on level 4 of the nearest parking garage and walked about a block to the theatre. Our tickets were in the very last row of the orchestra, but the National isn't a big theatre so we had an excellent view of the stage. I wanted to reserve drinks for us at intermission, but when I approached the bar I discovered I had no wallet. I remember taking it out of my pants to pay for parking but then I couldn't remember if I had laid it on the seat between my legs or put it somewhere else in the car while I attempted to park (Backed in). My biggest fear was leaving it on the seat between my legs meaning it would have fallen out of the car when I got out. The idea of my wallet going missing and/or stolen kind of freaked me out. But the show itself was great. All their great songs and a little background on the group, how they came to be and the stories behind the songs etc. Very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone. My wallet turned up in the car so the evening ended well. And we zoomed right out of the garage, No waiting at all. We were home in no time.

We will definitely be taking Metro to the Verizon Center tonight though. The plan is to meet up with The Son at the Crystal City stop, take Metro down to the Verizon Center, have dinner somewhere in Chinatown and then go to the concert. We saw TSO about three years ago as a gift from Daughter#2. The show was incredible. I've been wanting to see them again ever since. Ann has balked so we haven't gone, but this year I was really up for it. Now that I have pushed it, I am sure the bulk of the concert will be from their new CD just out - Night Castle. From what I can gather, it is not Christmas related as their first couple of CDs were. That and the music is very dark so we shall see. I've always thought of them (TSO) as being Christmas related and given the time of year what I want to hear, but I'll withhold judgement until afterward. Either way it should be a fun night.

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Bev Sykes said...

When I read entries like this I always feel guilty. I was in the spot you are, money-wise, with shows that came through and we never saw. But now I'm a critic and I see everything from the best seats and pay nothing. I do have to go home and write a review, though.

I always say that the perks of this job is you get to see everything, the bad part is that you HAVE to see everything, whether you want to or not.

I'm glad you enjoyed Jersey Boys. We saw it a couple of years ago and loved it.