Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Five Years Ago - Nothing

I'd love to write about something special that happened five years ago, but dang if I remember anything specific from that year. The kids were all out of college by then. The girls weren't married yet. I'm drawing a complete blank. Maybe I can try again next year.

I don't know how road warriors do it. This traveling thing gets old fast. The flights are the pits. The days roll into one meeting to another, eat dinner and roll into bed. Rinse and repeat. You start to learn more about your co-workers then you really want to know. The only upside is trying new places to eat and the snacks provided by the meeting hosts. I could get use to having treat day five days a week. I'd also weigh over 200 lbs. Fat and slow. Trying to rearrange my flight home to get home earlier. Hope I can swing it. Time for bed.

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