Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slow Down Day

So today was a day to relax and knock back. To recover from the whirlwind pace Daughter#1 has been setting all week. I slept until 830, which these days is almost unheard of for me. It felt good believe me. By the time I rolled out of bed, showered and got ready, it was almost lunch time. Daughter#1 and her husband, M#1, were headed to Virginia Beach to hang out with some of her husband's friends. We decided to go out for lunch and picked a spot that would allow them to quickly jump onto I-95 and head south. That spot was a bbq place. As I just had some pulled pork with The Son right before Christmas, I decided to go with ribs this time. I do love bbq in whatever shape it comes in whether it be pork, ribs, brisket or chicken. After devouring lunch we bade the kids a safe trip we returned home after a short stop at Target for a few items for The Son's place. While Ann was smart and took a nap, I decided to get on my work laptop and see if my travel voucher for my December trip to LA had gone through. I found out it had been returned now a second time. Frustrating. I then proceeded to waste about 2 hours trying to correct it before deciding it was a lost cause. I'll just have to call the Help Desk on Monday when I go back to work. Bah. The evening was spent watching The Son's alma mater, Radford, play George Mason in Men's basketball. It was played down in Radford so I couldn't go to the game, but it was nice being able to see them on TV. Radford won easily, which was a bit of a surprise. The Son and I are hoping they will repeat as Big South Champions and get to be part of the craziness that is March Madness.

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