Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shoveling Fool

Today's entry will be short and sweet with a few pictures thrown to help tell the story. Today I spent most of my day trying to dig out of 20+ inches of snow. I shoveled two hours in the morning, broke for lunch and shoveled two more hours in the afternoon and for that I got the driveway cleared. I still have to do the sidewalks and our front porch so I envision another 2 plus hours tomorrow.

Lets recap. This was yesterday:

First thing this morning Ann carried our dog Rosie out to the road for a walk as the snow was too deep for her (Rosie) to make it on her own. Ann's foot prints are along our driveway, not yet cleared.

After four hours of shoveling, our driveway now looks like this. I just know the plows will be around tonight and block the end of the driveway again.

Between the before and after, there was a lot of this:

After I was done, we let Rosie trot down the driveway. As you might guess, it's still pretty slippery, but basically she approved of it enough to do her business. Success comes packaged many different ways.

Now I'm off for a long winter's nap.

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