Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Day With The Kids

I think we are finally finished with the painting. We painted The Son's dining room area today and except for putting a few things back up, like the drapes, I think we are done. I am so tired of it. The actual doing of it isn't so bad, its the prep and clean-up and the large chunk of time it has taken of my vacation time that I hate. But I know The Son is happy with it. It's something he has wanted to do since he moved in two years ago. Thanks to Daughter#1 for the push to make it happen. Thanks also too everyone in the family that pitched in and helped out. And as you can see from the photo, The Son actually got off the coach and helped out today. Miracles do happen.

We managed to get the painting done by noon so we could go out to lunch. Daughter#1 and her husband drove back from Virginia Beach in the morning while we were doing the painting and we finished up about the time they arrived. We went to the Macaroni Grill to eat. I had their lobster ravioli which was pretty darn good. Afterward we crossed the street to get a couple of paintings to be hung on The Son's walls to go along with the new paint scheme. The rest of the afternoon was spent just chilling although the no rest for the weary Daughter (and her poor husband) cleaned up our finished basement to make it more livable.

In the evening, Ann whipped up some White Bean Chili with turkey and some sourdough bread to go along with it. Then we settled in to watch "He's Definitely Not Into You". It was pretty funny with some "awwwww" moments to it. All in all a pretty fruitful day. Now the specter of returning to work is beginning to raise its ugly head.


Kimberly said...

It's called "He's Just Not That Into You!"

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