Monday, January 25, 2010

What Weekend?

I just had a three day weekend curtesy of a compressed work schedule, but now looking back to do a recap, I'll be darn if I can remember half of what I did. Well lets see what can dreg back up.

For blog that titles itself: "Ready...Row", there hasn't been much on rowing lately. This is due mostly to the time of year. There isn't much rowing going on in these parts during the winter, at least out on the water. Heck up to this weekend, the Occoquan has been frozen in places. The Park Authority also takes a dim view of rowers out in this cold weather and water. Unfortunately there hasn't been much indoor rowing, or erging as it's called, by yours truly either. It goes this way almost every year. By the time my rowing season ends in November, frankly, I'm a bit burnt out and take a break. Plus going from rowing on the water to rowing on the erg really sucks. So by taking a break, my fitness level goes into the toilet. By the time I realize I need to get with it, my times on the erg suck and I get discouraged and I don't erg as much as I should. This year seems worse then usual. By the time I got back on the infernal machine, my 5,000 meter time was horribly bad. Like beginner bad. Like times I had when I first got the erg back in the mid 90s. I'm sure the fact that I had a bad cold and was hacking up lots about of goo from my lungs didn't help matters any. I've been trying to be a bit more diligent with getting on the erg more frequently. So far, I've take a minute and half off my 5,000 meter time. My time still isn't good though. Its gone from being horribly bad to just bad. Hopefully I can get it to something resembling reasonable over the next few weeks. Come 1 April. I want to be able to hop into a single and be able to do a decent 7 or 8 mile row without gasping for breath and taking a break every half mile or so.

Saturday morning was the initial get together for the Board of Directors/Officers for my rowing club as we try to get things ready for the 201o season. The best I can say for the meeting is that it was held to only 2 hours and we did nail down what coaches we want to approach to come work for us in 2010 and the dates for our "Learn to Row" days. We have a bunch of newcomers on the Board this year, which is a good thing really, but it was obvious it's going to take a meeting or two to get everyone up to speed. While we're at it since this is a pretty informal organization, if we could keep our Roberts Rules or Order at home that would be a big help also.

Other than that, not much went on over the weekend. The usual chores and a lot of football watching on Sunday. Poor Brett. Is it in his DNA that he has to throw an interception late in play-off games with the game on the line?

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