Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green Grillin'

For Christmas Daughter#2 and Son-In-Law M#2 gave me some charcoal that the Son In Law had made himself (with a little help and a kiln to do it in). On Saturday it was time to give it a try. What it says on the bag under the words "Natural Hardwood Charcoal" is:

  • Made locally from Appalachian Hardwoods
  • Best flavor for your BBQ
  • Lights fast, Ready to grill in 10 minutes
  • Promotes sustainable forest management
  • Low ash- burns hot and long
  • Safe and easy to handle

We were going to grill a t-bone steak and since we were on a local kick with the charcoal, what better to go with a steak then some local Virginia wine? In this case a bottle of Hokie Bird Red. The wine is produced by Chateau Morrisette. The winery is located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway by Floyd, VA or about 30 miles east of Blacksburg, VA. A portion of the proceeds go to VA Tech's General Scholarship Fund.

Since this was my first time using this charcoal and not using lighter fluid, but a charcoal starter instead, I first put the unlit charcoal in the grill to make sure I had enough. The charcoal felt weird - more like balsa wood then the charcoal briquet's we are all use to. As you can see, the charcoal is of varying shapes and sizes.

Then per the directions on the charcoal starter, I place some crumbled newspaper into the bottom of the starter.

I then moved the charcoal from the grill and into the starter and lit the newspaper from below.+

I was more or less successful. Notice the tongue sticking out. A way you can tell I'm concentrating hard. Or just looking stupid.

Before long, the coals were glowing bright. They actually caught quite easily.

After about 10 minutes I dumped the coals from the starter back into the grill and spread them out.

I threw the steak on and about 7 minute later - the finished product. A triumph!

I loved using the new charcoal and the starter and hope not to have to ever go back to using regular charcoal again. Here's to being green!