Friday, December 19, 2008

Dunk It

Today was a work day so no goofing off or running out to shop to help save the economy. That was just as well given the weather. No, we aren't getting the snow that the Midwest and northeast are getting. Just some light rain and fog. This time of year, I would opt for the snow. That would really put the icing on the Christmasy feel of things. Although I have to say, the look of all the Christmas lights in the fog was quite beautiful.

To kick off our weekend, Ann, The Son and I attended a college basketball game between Radford:

and George Mason. Yes that George Mason, who went to the Final Four a few years back.
Radford is the alma mater of The Son. Their sports teams don't get up this way very often so it was a rare opportunity to go see them play. Radford is about a four hour drive and is located in southwest Virginia, not far from VA Tech. It's a shame they don't travel more up this way seeing how a large portion of their student body and their athletes come from the northern Virginia area. On the other hand, GMU is a short drive from where we live and we've been there a number of times for various sporting events. GMU is slowly making the conversion from a strictly commuter school to having a large on campus student body. Ann and I always mention, when we talk about retirement, about retiring to a college town. About how we love college sports and the energy you feel in a small college town. We talk a good game, but we certainly don't take as much advantage of GMU's proximity as we should. Anyway, we traveled out to the Patriot Center, GMU's basketball area. Our seats were decent. The Patriot Center is big enough to give you the feel of big college basketball without having to sit in nosebleed seating. Lets see, according to GMU's web site, it seats 10,000. I'd say it was 60% full with a fair number of Radford students there. Probably home for the holidays. The Son was coming directly from work and left late and didn't arrive until half time after missing the turn to make it onto the GMU campus. I hate to say it, but he has the worse sense of direction. He has lived in this area all of his life, but he has no idea where things are or how to get there. Despite his late appearance, The game was good. Somewhat exciting. Radford kept it close until GMU hit 8 of 10 3 pointers in the second half and Radford had trouble making foul shots. But overall a good night's entertainment. My only complaint was the food or rather the cost of it. A hot dog, bag of chips and a soda was $12. Next time I'll eat before I go.

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daughter #2 said...

No snow on Christmas! if you want me to be in nova... I told my work I was going out of town, so I dont think they would call me unless it was really bad. but VA doesnt get bad snow any more global warming! [famous last words]