Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Donuts and Burned Out Christmas Lights

First let me thank the Holidailies's staff for selecting yesterday's entry A Rockwell Christmas as a Best of Holidailies selection. It's very humbling and certainly helps the number of visists to my page. Hopefully some will like what they see and continue to return.

I worked from home today. I traded today for my usual Wednesday work at home day. I had to go in yesterday for a big in-house review of a Request for Proposal that will be released next month. That went a lot better than anyone expected. And there were donuts. Mmmmmm.

Speaking of donuts, I weighed myself this morning and found that I was eating my way out of my lightweight status as defined by US Rowing. I decided I had to get a lot more serious about my off season erging and get on a much more regular schedule. So during my lunch break I hopped on my erg and did 5,000 meters. I managed a best time since our rowing season ended, but a long way from where I should be. Since I'm home until Tuesday, I'm going to try and erg at least 3 of the next 4 days. Lets see how disciplined I am about doing that.

Today I also checked on our outdoor lights, which have quit working for the most part. I found that one of our light nets was partially fried. This was one that was involved in last year's frying incident, but I had hoped it was good enough to go this year. Apparently not. I took that net off line and the others are now working again although obviously there is a hole where the missing net is/was. We're going to shop for a replacement tomorrow, but I fear most decorations have been pretty picked over by this point.

I leave you with a picture (above) from this year's Diamond States Regatta back in July. The webmaster and our unofficial photographer just got around to posting this year's pictures to the club's website. I'm seating in bow of our Men's Quad. I miss being out on the water.

To the those in the midwest and northeast about to get clobbered with snow tomorrow, think white Christmas!

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