Monday, December 15, 2008

Whose Woods Are These, I Think I Know

Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods On A Snowy Evening" is one of my favorite poems and seems just right for December and Christmas. The reason I bring up poems and poetry is today was get the Christmas cards done day. It's not a task I look forward to as it seems boring and tedious. However, once I get into it, it draws out memories from the past. The first card ( I do them alphabetically going through my address book) is an old friend from my high school/college days in Severna Park. Smart kid (Physics major and then law school) and decent athlete. We had some really fun times. Even though we only live about 50 minutes apart now, we can't seem to make time for each other as our lives have diverged over time. There are others like college friends that live in Georgia. Our two nannies that we hired right out of high school. One still lives close by and the other is in Wisconsin. Both have families of their own now. We also have new people on out list as Daughter#2 In-Laws have been added and now Daughter#1's fiance's family. It's an interesting trip down memory lane.

The glass of beer is from the first bottle from my batch of Scotch Ale that I brewed about 5 weeks ago. Seems to have turned out pretty well although, while clear in the bottle, its hazy after being poured. I assume its from sediment in the bottle. I thought this bottle also tasted a bit watery at first. It might just have been me though. The second bottle tasted fine. I'm going to save most of this batch for Christmas to share with the rest of the family.

The gifts continue to be delivered. A few a week. Now we need to get with the wrapping.

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fading in the sun said...

I lovelove*love* that poem.

card in the mail soon! :D