Sunday, December 21, 2008


I feel like I'm in a holding pattern. Just waiting for the big day to come. Waiting for the kids to come home. Waiting for the last presents to be delivered. Waiting. There is a sense of anticipation in the air.

Today wasn't much different than most of my Sundays have been recently. Get up whenever (as opposed to 6:15 during rowing season) and gather up the dirty clothes and start the laundry. I can't stand laundry taking all day to complete. I try to start it early and set timers so I know when to move clothes from the washer to the dryer and when to get them out of the dryer to fold. The earlier it's done the better in my book. After the laundry is going, I relax, check my e-mails,and surf the web while enjoying my morning soda and a bagel or breakfast bar . My morning soda used to be Pepsi. I was a confirmed Pepsi drinker, but that has changed over the past year. The reason being Pepsi no longer makes a size bottle that I like. They used to sell Pepsi's in 16 oz bottles. They did away with those. Then they went to 20 oz bottles. 20 oz was okay with me. You can still get this size as individual bottles at convenience stores, etc, but not in grocery stores in six-packs. Now they only sell on 12 oz, 24 oz or 2 liter bottles. 12 oz is too small, 24 oz is just too much. Too much sugar and too much caffeine. The 2 liter bottles require you to use a glass. I prefer drinking from my soda from a bottle and not a glass. I can get Coke in 16 oz bottles and so I made the switch.

At 10:45 I headed out to Gold's for my erg class. With college kids home for the holidays, there was almost a full class. I managed to get in 11,000 meters during the class. Like yesterday though, it was a struggle and I thought I might puke over the last few meters. I'll try again tomorrow morning for another 5,000 meters.

After erg class, Ann and I met up with The Son for some pizza (sausage, mushrooms and onions). After pizza we hit up Giant for tonight's dinner of lamb chops. After returning home we settled in to watch the Redskins hold on to beat the Eagles. Things are never easy with the Redskins. They are still mathematically in the playoff picture, but they need a lot of help.

The rest of the evening was dinner and watching some TV. More to pass time than anything else. Tomorrow is a day off for us. I work on Tuesday and then I'm off until after the New year. Daughters#1 and 2 arrive on Wednesday. I can't wait.

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