Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Snow

There is nothing that says Christmas more than a good snow. We received our first snow of the season today even if it wasn't more than just a light dusting. There is something magical watching it fall. The way everything becomes so quiet and peaceful. Watching it accumulate on the bushes already hosting the lights of the season creates quite the winter wonderland. Living in Virginia, just south of our nation's capital, we don't get a lot of snow so we tend to overreact a bit when we do receive some. I could hear some of the neighborhood kids down the street running around in their excitement that it was snowing. I'm sure they tried, without much success, to put together some snowballs and snowmen. We haven't had a major storm in a few years now and we are way overdue. How much chaos would it be to have a major storm hit during the inauguration? The city would be paralyzed for days. Its also been years since we've had a white Christmas. I can remember only a few my whole lifetime and just one where it snowed on Christmas eve. I was maybe 10 or 12 and living in northern NJ. That still remains with me as one of my fondest Christmas memories. We have a black and white picture of my Uncle and Grandparents in our driveway making their way to our door through the snow with Christmas presents in hand. By we, I mean my Dad. I'm sure it sits long forgotten in some box of pictures in his attic or garage down in Florida, but I remember it clearly. Since this year we have the girls and their respective husband and husband to be for Christmas, how nice if they could have a snowy memory like mine to save in their heart for a lifetime? Merry Christmas!

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