Thursday, January 10, 2008

And the Rockets Red Glare

Today has been a day of rolling thunder. Not from the weather Gods, but courtesy of the Marine Corps. The Corps must be running a live fire exercise down at Quantico today. All day long we have been subjected to the sounds of artillery fire and explosions. Some loud enough to rattle the windows. It's not an uncommon occurrence, but today seems a bit more intense than usual. It must be quite the exercise. Lets hope they're learning their lessons well. Rosie, right, does not like the sound of cannons.

The first week back at work wasn't too bad as work weeks go. It wasn't nearly as crazy as I thought it might be. Busy, yes, but not crazy. Today was my treat day for the office. Unfortunately I didn't get to partake of it. Family matters kept me working from home today instead of going into the office. As I had already purchased the goodies, I did meet the vanpool at the usual time and handed them the treats to drop off at my office. They were happy to do so. I think.

Daughter#1 and her bf will be dropping by tomorrow night on their way to hang out with her sister in Harrisonburg for the weekend. We get to provide lodging for the night. It will be good to see her and I know she is looking forward to the weekend road trip. She called earlier today to let us know that her workplace had given her a nice raise. Congrats to her. Now maybe she can pay for her own car insurance.

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