Friday, January 4, 2008

Teeth and a Movie

The last two days have been uncomfortably cold in the morning. So much so that we haven't been taking our furry kids for their morning walk. Yesterday's temperature (Thursday) it was 18 and this morning (Friday) it was 17. It wouldn't be too bad if our dogs actually walked, but most of the first 15 minutes outside is spent smelling every possible blade of grass to find just that right spot to go on. I'm just getting too old to stand out in the cold while they sniff around. So we've just be letting them out the door and then right back in. We're suppose to be getting a warming trend over the weekend so we can go back to our old routine. Here are the furry kids - Rosie, on the left with the alien eyes, and Winifred on the right.

I slipped away at lunch time for a dentist appointment. Actually my dentist is a periodontist. Not that I have bad gums or anything gross, just bad genes. My back wisdom teeth didn't come in properly (do they ever?) and caused some damage to my back molars. I've been seeing a periodontist since I was 24 years old. Seems like a long time now, but really its been pretty unremarkable 99% of the time. Today's visit was pretty typical. I go in, get my teeth cleaned and polished by hygienist. The dentist will come in at the end for a quick look see, tell me things are looking well and we'll keep an eye on those back teeth and see you in four months. Frankly, I prefer keeping the visits boring. Now my periodontist is in Friendship Heights and for those of you familiar with the area you know its a pretty hoity-toity area. There's a Tiffany's next door to the building that houses my Dentist just to give you an idea. Upon leaving after my appointment I had a celebrity sighting. George Michael, the long time local NBC sportscaster and host of the Sports Machine got on the elevator with me. He retired in 2007 after GE/NBC ordered him, in a cost cutting move, to dismiss a large portion of his staff. Good for him although he is sorely missed. Photo by Washington Post and NBC Channel 4.

After finishing up work for the day, Ann and I headed out to catch a movie. We saw Charley Wilson's War. Very entertaining and pretty remarkable what one man was able to do to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Tom Hanks was good as was Philip Seymour Hoffman. Amy Adams is pretty cute as Wilson's (Hanks) Administrative Assistant. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a good movie with a large bag of popcorn. Yum!

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"nothing more enjoyable than watching a good movie with a large bag of popcorn"... and lovely wifey!