Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

Today was not atypical from almost everyday since I've started my Christmas break. I get up around 8:00. I walk the dogs. Some days I feed them and most times Ann feeds them. I'll get on the computer while enjoying my morning Coke and a breakfast bar. I'll check my e-mail, read some blogs, listen to the Junkies, although they've been off most of the time too. They've been running best of shows. After being on the computer, I'll row sometimes or sometimes Ann and I will go out to lunch. It's actually getting a bit boring. Makes me wonder about retiring, although Lord knows I don't want to work forever either. As it turns out, I did row today. 5,000 meters. My heart really wasn't in it so the time was just so so, but at least I did it. I'm trying to get on a 3 to 4 time s a week schedule.
Today after I had made myself a late breakfast, Ann and I watched football most of the day. I fell asleep on the couch, but managed to wake up in time to catch the second half of the Florida vs Michigan game. I expected Michigan to go down the way most Big Ten teams do against SEC teams, but they hung in there and won. I suspect the combination of Florida taking Michigan too lightly and Michigan wanting to upstage the Heisman Trophy winner and send their coach out with a win tipped the game Michigan's way. The Rose Bowl was a rout and boring. The Sugar Bowl looks like much of the same even though I was hoping Hawaii would do well. Oh well at least Auburn won last night.
The Son dropped by for dinner. It's the first time he's been back since moving into his new place. He seems to be doing well. We'll see how often he becomes a dinner guest.
Tomorrow is actually a work day for me although it will be from home, which is a nice way to transition back into it. I suspect there will be a ton of phone calls and e-mails as everyone tries to get back on track after being off for the Holidays. It might actually be enjoyable. Even better is I have Thursday off before heading into the weekend.

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