Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Short Visit

Daughter#1 rolled in about midnight on Friday night with her bf. They had left Connecticut a bit later than they planned, but still seemed to make pretty good time. Ann and I tried to stay awake until they arrived, but we both fell asleep pretty early. What can I say, but we're old! Daughter#1 woke us up by calling when they were close so we were awake to greet them. We stayed awake long enough to say Hi, show them to their respective bedrooms and and say Goodnight. The following morning we all enjoyed some french toast dripping in melted butter, confectioner sugar and cinnamon. Quite tasty. Alas it was just a short visit as they were headed to Harrisonburg to spend Saturday night with Daughter#2 and to see some friends of the bf. The bf is a James Madison graduate and still has friends in the Harrisonburg area. They made a night of it by taking in the JMU basketball game. They had to make an early departure from Harrisonburg Sunday morning to beat the forecasted nor'easter that was suppose to hit early Sunday evening. They arrived home safe and sound, which every parent loves to hear.

After Daughter#1 left on Saturday, I spent the rest of the day parked in front of the TV first watching basketball. Auburn was playing Florida and then Maryland was playing Virginia Tech. Tech won and Auburn didn't. After the basketball games, but before the football playoff games started, we did make a run to the grocery store so we could eat this week. It was fun watching Green Bay and Seattle play in the snow. I enjoyed watching Seattle fall after Seattle had beaten the Redskins the previous week. A little payback. I manged to watch about a quarter of the Jacksonville - New England game before falling asleep. Too much of a good thing.

Today was much of the same. I did get off my butt and go to the erg class. I managed 11,000 meters, which surprised the heck out of me. I'm lucky if I make 10,000 meters usually. To tell the truth, I wasn't feeling that excited about going so it was good to see I cranked out some meters. After class Ann and I met up with The Son and his gf at Bar J for some lunch. I got some Texas chili, but couldn't finish all of it. I'm still tasting it tonight, but it was good. After lunch, Ann and I settled in to watch the Sunday playoff games. Upsets both. I love me some upsets. I hope it snows in Green Bay next week. I need to get a cheese head hat.


Hillary said...

I also enjoyed seeing Seattle get destroyed by Green Bay. It was fun seeing them play in all that snow too.

Frank said...

It was fun and added another aspect to the game. With NY beating the hated Cowboys, we get to see another game out of Green Bay. Keeping my finger crossed for more snow.