Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to Work

Yesterday was my first day back to work since before Christmas. First day of work, but not in the office since I worked from home. Things were much quieter than normal and certainly not what I suspected. I assumed almost everyone would be back and the e-mails would be flying. Not so. I didn't get a single e-mail directed solely to me. I got a few that were sent to the whole Department,but that was it. I guess most people are still off. Even my industry counterpart was missing in action. The silence did allow me to catch up on a few items. I'm sure it won't last. I was off today using up the last of my 2007 vacation days so I'll work from home again tomorrow. I'm hoping tomorrow will be as quiet as Wednesday.

The Son is having a few minor repairs done to his condo that we discovered since he moved in. I spent this afternoon at the condo to let the handyman doing the work in. He had his bathroom regrouted, and his linen closet door repaired. His sliding glass door also popped off the track and almost fell in on him and his gf. It's an old door and needs to be replaced. The Handyman got it back on the track and adjusted it a bit, but its still marginal. While the work was being done, I just played on The Son's computer and watched tv until he was finished. The work seemed to be well done and not expensive. We'll probably have the handyman come do some things around our house.

I erged again this morning after taking yesterday off since I was working. I did a 30 minute row and did just ok. I'm still rebuilding my aerobic base and its coming slowly. I didn't get the distance I wanted or I'm capable of. Since I'm working tomorrow and I also have a dentist appointment, I'll probably skip rowing tomorrow and row Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I can improve on my performance during January.

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