Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Season Begins

Today marked the start of my rowing club's 2008 season. Our first day on the water? Not by a long shot, but rather our first meeting to start planning our 2008 season. It lasted an incredible four hours. Yikes. One thing about the Board of Directors, of which I am a part, is everyone loves to have their say and their say and their say. Granted this was our first meeting and had a lot to cover, but still. Hopefully future meetings will be a bit shorter. Having been a Board member for five years now, I can't say I'm optimistic. Still come May it will all come together and boats will be on the water.

Daughter#1 is currently enrolled in a Certificate Program given by UMass in Event Planning. One of the requirements for the class she is currently enrolled in is to plan and execute a dinner party for ten people. Given that a certain percentage of people invited won't be able to attend, Daughter#1 invited 16 people figuring she would get her ten. All sixteen accepted. Ooops. It definitely ratcheted up the stress level for it, but apparently it all went off ok last night. She did the invitations, seating chart, menu planning and cooking a four course meal. Apparently a good time was had by all.

Today, now that my meeting is over, is just relaxing and watching some basketball. The Son's alma meter, Radford, is making a rare TV appearance today so we're watching that at the moment. Radford is in what might be politely called a rebuilding year so they aren't doing to well this year. They're also playing Winthrop, the perennial Big South Conference winner, so to find Radford behind by 11 at the half isn't really a surprise. Hopefully they can build for the future with their new coach.

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