Friday, March 21, 2008

A Day for Doctors

I love my Fridays off although today was spent dealing with one type of Doctor or another. Rosie had an appointment to have her teeth cleaned. Since dogs need to be out under, she had to fore go her breakfast this morning. She was not pleased with that at all. We dropped her off bright and early around 7:00. I had an appointment of my own with a surgeon at Georgetown Hospital to see what was going on with my skin infection. The infection seems to have started at one of the incision sites for a labaroscopic surgery I had a few years back to correct a hiatal hernia. The surgeon that originally did the surgery examined me and his opinion it was unrelated to the surgery since they leave no permanent stitches at that particular area. His opinion was it was a small cyst causing the problem. We'll have to wait until the infection clears for a final diagnosis. A bonus for having to drive into the District was being able to see crew teams practicing on the Potomac in the morning sun.
After my appointment we headed home and did some grocery shopping. I also went shopping on my own (I know!) and picked up some new underwear. Mine was in desperate need of replacing.
The rest of the day was spent watching basketball or taking a nap. Naps are way underrated. The Vet called around 2:00 to say they were finished with Rosie, that all had gone well and that she was just coming around. We finally picked her up at 5:00 and seemed none the worse for wear despite having a few teeth removed. She'll be on painkillers for a few days. Good drugs.
Hope your Good Friday was a good one.

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