Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hiking England and On To Scotland

We heard from Daughter#2 this morning. They are well and they have finished their hiking through the Lake District of northwest England. They've hiked about 45 miles or so total. They hiked, among other things, the famous Fairfield Horseshoe, which looks like quite the hike. You can follow the trail on Google Earth out of Rydal, which is just northwest of Ambelside. Apparently William Wordsworth was a resident of Rydal. Looks like such a pretty area. They are now in Largs, Scotland. Largs is west of Glasgow on the Firth of Clyde and the home to our cousin Madeline. In our family, relatives from Scotland visit my Dad in Orlando and Cocoa Beach. On the flip side, our family from this side of the pond all go visit and stay with Madeline. This is Daughter#2's second trip to Scotland and her husband's first. I'm not sure what all they have planned. I know they would like to take in a soccer match if they can find tickets. I'm very envious of our daughter and Son in Law.

It was a wet, rainy dreary day here in northern Virginia. Ann and I used that as an excuse to go see a movie. We saw The Bank Job. It tells the story of a big bank heist in England in the early 70s and how it was all covered up by the Government. Entertaining, but not for the little ones. Tomorrow we need to do a little shopping. I desperately need some new jeans. Hope to get that done before lunch time and then settle back to watch some conference tournament basketball. Have a good weekend.

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