Monday, March 3, 2008

England or Bust

Daughter#2 and her Hubby are now in England having left a day late. Although US Airways didn't make it easy. Their 3:ooPM flight to Philly was two hours late taking off and their flight from Philly to Manchester left 90 minutes late. I'm sure they were totally worn out given all the delays.

It was nice having them spend the night although I know they were disappointed that their travel plans had been delayed. Saturday morning, I got up early and helped Ann walk our two dogs plus Gracie. Usually I'll take our two dogs (Winnie and Rosie) and Ann will walk Gracie. Gracie is much younger than our two old lady dogs so she covers about twice as much distance running back and forth and side to side while our two try to keep up. Daughter#2 did make us a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, which was about all the food we had in the house since we hadn't gone to the grocery store in a while. Since we had missed out on Daughter#2's Lebanese restaurant the evening before, we planned to go there for lunch. From the restaurant, the airport is about a mile away so it's convenient. Lunch was nice. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and the food is tasty although I have to admit I'm not that adventuresome. I had lamp chops. After we finished lunch we dropped the pair off at National Airport around 2:00 and headed home. We use a flight tracker program to watch the progress of their flight. We kept waiting and waiting for their flight to get airborne and finally it did over two hours late. We tracked them for a bit before we had to head off to Saturday evening Mass. Upon our return from Mass, I started to watch the Radford vs. Liberty basketball game when The Son arrived. The Son has a Computer Science degree from Radford and we called him to straighten out our home wireless network. Our Comcast Gateway (combination cable modem/router) had gone bad so we went and swapped it for a new one on Friday. I got it up and running or at least for the computer that we hard wire into the Gateway. None of our other computers, using the wireless network, would connect though. I called Comcast tech support and got a woman who was totally clueless. I don't think she ever grasped what I was asking her for help on. After about 30 minutes it became obvious she was beyond being able to help us. Her final gasp was for us to call the Gateway vendor. I told her fine just to get off the phone. I placed a call to The Son who promised to come over to get us fixed up. I'm glad all our dollars for his education are producing some benefits. He did some preliminary checks and our thought was that the Gateway wasn't broadcasting a wireless signal since we didn't recognize any of the wireless networks that our computers were picking up. Speaking of which, they could pick up like five different networks, which is kind of crazy. Anyway a call to Comcast and he had the problem solved and all our computers on line in no time.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Up early and walk the dogs. Get the laundry started, the earlier the better since I hate doing it. Just get it over with. Head out to the gym for the 11:00 erg class. I did 10,250 meters in a lot of low rate steady state rowing. Come home and shower. Log my meters. Ann and I then headed out to lunch where I had a steak and cheese sub. Then to Giant to grocery shop. Once we were home and everything was out away, we watched a movie. Yesterday it was Glory Road, the story of the 1966 NCAA basketball champion Texas Western (now Texas - El Paso) and their big upset of Kentucky and their Adolph Rupp. One of the players for Kentucky was Pat Riley interestingly enough. It was an enjoyable movie in typical Disney fashion. A movie that i would recommend and did to The Son. We also had The Son and his gf over for dinner, which was nice and a pay back for helping us get the computers up and running. After dinner The Son left and Ann and I watched the MD vs Clemson game. What a debacle. Up by 20 with 11 minutes left, Maryland managed to lose. That could cost them a trip to the tournament. They need a good run in the ACC tournament, I suspect.

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Mimi said...

Oh Frank, I'm so sorry to hear about Winnie's passing. What a wonderful, long life she had. 16 1/2 years is great! I know you and your family must miss her terribly. Hugs all around.