Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Madness Returns

Today marks the start of March Madness or as it is known as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. I've filled out the obligatory bracket (just one) and signed up at CBS Sprts.Com to have the ability to watch games on my computer lest the game I really want to see is not the one being shown on local TV. As good as all this is, I'm not nearly as excited about the Tournament as i was last year. The only reason I can think of is that The Son isn't at home and there is no one to really argue the merits of who will win, who will be this year's George Mason and which Number One seed will be the first to go. Ann doesn't quite fit this niche even though she enjoys watching sports quite a bit. It's one the reasons I married her. Maybe my enthusiasm will grow as we get into the games themselves. if i can mange it, I'll try and scan my brackets and post it here.

We've had two nice days in a row now with the temperature hovering around 70. The grass is getting so green, the daffodils are blooming and the flowering trees are a bloom. It's beginning to give me a case of spring fever. I'm dying to get out on the Occoquan and row and out on the W&OD Trail and ride my bike. I just need the stars to align right to have the nice weather hit on a weekend rather than during the week. Speaking of rowing, the high school and college teams are out on the Occoquan in full force. I know George Mason held one of their two regattas this past weekend. The finish line for the race course is not that far, as the crow flies, from my house and I can hear the announcements and also the crowds as the boats approach the finish line. Makes me want to get out on the water even more. One of the two rowing clubs I belong (the sculling one) to will have its annual membership meeting on Saturday at noon. The other club (sweep rowing), which I am an club officer, is holding a planning meeting that same morning. It will be a day of meetings. The first club will start allowing singles out on their own starting 1 April, less than two weeks away. Last year I mananged just over 200 miles sculling. I'd like to see if I can manage 250 this year.

Tomorrow we are dropping our dog Rosie off to get her teeth cleaned. It's something we've neglected and in a small way hastened Winnies demise. I'm sure she'll hate it, but in the end it's for her own good. No one likes the Dentist, even if your Dentist is the Vet.

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