Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Ready To Row

Saturday I was in meetings from 8:30 to 1:30 making preparations for the upcoming rowing season. I belong to two different rowing clubs, hence the need to attend two different meetings that just happen to fall on the same date. I find these meetings both interesting and boring all at the same time. This is my sixth year as a Board Member for my sweep rowing club. I'm the treasurer so for these early year meetings, I mostly deal with setting up the budget and finalizing the fee structure for the coming year. Actually that part is fairly easy and usually my numbers aren't seriously challenged. Some of the other topics, like who will coach, what regattas we will attend, etc., lord we can talk a subject to death. While this makes for interesting subject matter as we set our goals for the coming year, after about 30 minutes about whether we will or will not attend a certain regatta, my eyes start to glass over. It's all good when we finally pull it all together and get out on the water, but getting there is not half the fun. My second meeting, at the club I scull with, lasted about a third of the time of my earlier meeting. Part of the reason is it was a general membership meeting and was held out of doors. It wasn't freezing, but it was windy and you needed to stand in the sunlight to stay comfortable. It had to be one of the most informal membership meetings I've been to. Considering this club sometimes had some, lets say interesting moments, fighting over what the by laws said about voting for Board Members and who could vote, it was a bit surprising. Our new lady president was all but drafted and voted in without opposition. Lets hope she has a good year. I was surprised to see so many high school rowers there at Sandy Run when I arrived around noon. I thought maybe that there had been a regatta that morning, but I was told, no, just a lot of practicing. I guess as the season approaches they are trying to get as much on water time as possible. One of our members also is involved with the Northern Virginia Park Authority, of which the Sandy Run Rowing facility is part. He discussed plans for a new finish line facility for the judges and timers and how they were holding a wine tasting as a fund raiser. The wine tasting sounds like fun, but it's in Vienna, which is not exactly convenient for me if I'm going to be tasting wines, but it was a nice thought. He also mentioned that the plans for the finish line stand is estimated at $140,000. Now that seems a bit steep. For that price that better be getting High Def Finish Line cameras and monitors, Internet access and a cappuccino machine.

On Sunday my usual erg class was cancelled, it being Easter and all, not to mention Spring break in the county, and we're not godless heathens, at least most of the time. Ann and I did attend Mass in the morning so I feel blessed and all. Most of the day was spent watching college basketball and watched my brackets further go into the toilet. I loved that Davidson beat Georgetown though. I just wished I had seen more of the comeback. I had turned the game off figuring with Georgetown up by 16 in the second half, the game was over. When The Son showed up for Easter dinner, he wanted to watch the games so I turned the TV back on and, lo, Davidson was up by 5 and went on to win the game. Teach me to be a warm weather fan. After the game we sat down and enjoyed a lovely lamb dinner prepared by Ann and I didn't managed to burn my hand on the pan the mashed potatoes were in that Ann had keep warm in the oven. Would have been nice to know. Hope you and yours had a Happy Easter.


Caitlyn said...

I've actually been to the new stadiums- I went to undergrad in Maryland and have even raced several times on the Occoquan (you guys have the most miserable weather every time too). But I'm definitely up for a Nats/Phils game.

Frank said...

Hi Caitlyn! You raced for Washington College? I've visted their campus a time or two. We looked at it when my daughter, the coxswain, was looking for a college. The Occoquan can have its moments in the spring, but it's usually wonderful in the summer and fall. Good luck to your novice girls this spring.