Friday, March 14, 2008

Home Again

Daughter#2 and her husband have landed in Philadelphia and we'll be leaving for Washington National to pick them up from the connecting flight from Philadelphia. It hardly seems possible they've been gone for two weeks. They sent us one group of pictures and I'm sure they'll have more for us when we see them. I'll post a few for your entertainment.

Babysitting Gracie has been pretty easy and a lot less stressful then I originally thought. Watching a young lab is not quite the same as being with two elderly schnauzers. Having her here did help us with Winnie's passing though so we're happy for that. She's been pretty well behaved except for the last day or so. Almost as if she knows Mom and Dad are coming and she can't really be punished that much.
Case in point - She started sleeping not only on our bed but right against my pillows. A definite no-no. Then yesterday she managed to chew up a pair of my shoes. How cute. Not. Here is the Demon sleeping after her shoe snack.

But then Rosie also helped herself to Gracie's bed.
I haven't been able to erg at all this week since Sunday. I picked up a skin infection that is quite painful. I'm on antibiotics, but it looks really bad. As anyone who suffers from eczema will tell you, sooner or later you'll develop a skin infection. Eczema suffers tend to be walking staph factories so it's only a matter of time. Usually it takes the antibiotics a few days to really kick in. I can hardly wait.

Also congratulations to Daughter#1, who won an award at work for her performance. Keep up the good work!

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