Monday, May 7, 2007

And Then He's Gone

As mentioned in the last post, a lot of the weekend was spent getting The Son turned around in two days to send back out on the road. To California for a week this time. Laundry was done and shirts sent off to the cleaners. We also had to replace all the items he threw out coming home in order to make the luggage weight. We also watched the Nationals lose three straight to the Cubs. In solidarity with our Mexican neighbors, we purchased a case of Corona to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Not that we drank it all in one day. And contrary to what the Son told his Mom, Cinco de Mayo is not the celebration of Mexican Independence. Still a nice excuse to indulge along with a few subs from Jerry's. I love their cold cut sub. I also watched Flyboys on Saturday. I love anything that involves flying and airplanes/jets. A little too much CGI, but then I guess there isn't a lot of WWI airplanes around to make realistic dogfight scenes. Heck, even the star of "Top Gun", the F-14 Tomcat has been retired.

Sunday i took The Son back to Dulles for his flight to California. Unfortunately he got stuck with a 757, which is nothing but a glorified cattle car. What happened to the 767 and 777s United use to operate on these coast to coast flights? He had my sympathy for that five hour flight. Ann and I had planned to go for a bike ride after dropping The Son off, but Sunday turned out to be a little too cool and a lot too windy to make a bike ride fun. My rowing club did hold its second "Learn to Row Day". We had about 30 show up for the instruction, tour and trip out in a shell. The wind made it a bit of a challenge for all, but we didn't lose anyone in the water and the visitors seemed to enjoy it all. Hopefully a good number of them will chose to join us come the beginning of our season later this month.

Its going to be a long week for commuting. Most of our regular drivers are away on travel leaving me the only driver from NoVA. That means I get to drive all 80 miles into work and half of that going home. I so missed my nap driving in this morning. I felt the effects all day. I need to get to bed earlier this week.

I haven't had a chance to post much about Daughter#1 recently. She did do a walk for Kidney Research this weekend in CT, which made us all proud. There's a special reason for this, which I will I'll write about shortly. She also had her first outing of the season with her rowing club in CT. Due to the hours of her new job plus taking her UMASS course, she doesn't have the time to do weekday practices anymore, but hopefully she'll fill-in on weekends and at regattas.

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