Monday, May 21, 2007

The weekend was all about watching baseball, rowing and the manly art of cooking outside on the grill. Since its now late May, we also brought out our patio furniture from the basement and enjoyed sitting on the deck and enjoying a few cold beers.

Saturday was a day for errands including grocery shopping. An hour or so of my life I'll never get back. Plsu watching the Nationals lose in extra innings costing me sleep. Thank goodness they atuned for thier sins by wining on Sunday.

Sunday, Ann bailed on our planned bike ride so I opted to row instead. When I left the house it was overcast and a little chilly, but by the time I reached Sandy Run, the sun was starting to poke through and the temperature became perfect. The water was still and it felt great to be on the water. The boat was really moving so I tried pushing myself a little harder than usual. On reaching Fountainhead, I felt good enough to row past Ryan's Dam for another mile. The Occoquan really starts to narrow there and it tends to be quieter away from the roar of the fishermen. Even though outboard engine size is limited on the Occoquan, they still can throw out wakes big enough to force you to stop and let pass before you begin again lest you capsize. Coming home the wind did start to pick up, but not to the extent that it became a problem. I was sort of surprised to see that hardly any rowers had been or were out (there's a log in the boathouse) given how nice a day it was. Sunday mornings tend to be busy time, at least for us sinner rower types who aren't in church. So it was nice not having to wait on a boat. So I was in and out rowed 10 miles and home under 3 hours, which I consider quite the accomplishment. Despite rowing that many miles and still early in the rowing season (for me anyway), no blisters on my hands and not overly sore. Good day all the way around.

The Chrysler dealer called today and said the Concorde was ready, which surprised the heck out of me. The parts weren't even supposed to be in until tomorrow at the earliest. Plus it cost $700 less then he originally estimated. That was really a shock. Maybe miracles do happen.

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