Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is Ann's birthday. I won't go into how many years since she probably wouldn't appreciate it. Ann is a native Washingtonian - a very rare breed indeed. The kids are all home this holiday weekend to celebrate. Daughter#1, the event planner, bought out most of Giant in order to have a sumptuous dinner tonight, including some steamed clams.

Daughter#2 and The Son In Law are driving up today and the three of us will be heading out for a bike ride while daughter#1 and Ann head out for some girl things including haircuts and some nail care. The Son is treating Ann for her birthday.

I got a chance for a row yesterday on the first day its been really hot here. When I pushed off the dock at 1:30 it was 85 degrees and when I finished it was 88. The water is still cool enough that out on the water its not as hot. How ever the humidity was up so it resulted in a lot of sweating. I got in 8 miles by rowing up to Ryan's dam and back. After returning the single to the rack, I had a talk with the coach of the George Mason University men's club team and discussed their season. I guess they did fine for a young team, but look very strong for next season if everyone returns.

Time to go uncap a few Coronas in celebration. Everyone have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Miles Rowed Today: 8
Total Miles Rowed 2007: 58.5
Total Miles Biked 2007: 60

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