Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Son Returns

After three weeks on the road, The Son returned on Friday. We picked him up at Dulles around noon. For those of you that travel for business you know how old it gets in a hurry. In packing for his trip, he way overpacked. His suitcase was bulging at the seams. He lucked out flying out and managed to dodge the 50 lb weight limit. He wasn't so lucky coming back. He was 5 lbs over and the airline wanted $50 to cover the overage. Rather than pay it, he dumped out all his toiletries, all his undershirts, a hardcover book he had finished reading, some hangers and a sweater. He's already spent $45 replacing the t-shirts (he needed new ones anyway, but still). He probably should have paid the fee. Today will be spent getting him ready to fly back out tomorrow. California this time. Laundry needs to be done, shirts off to the cleaners and replacement items purchased. It will only be a week this time, but hopefully he's learned the lesson about traveling light. During his trip, his cell phone also quit working. Dropping by the Cingular store yesterday I expected to hear the worse (unrepairable please buy a new phone), but it turned out to be just a bad battery. No charge. Amazing.

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