Monday, May 28, 2007

How I Spent Mother's Day

For those not familiar with the Washington, DC landscape, where The Son and I spent Mother's Day was at RFK Stadium watching the Nationals play. The Son has been traveling for the company he works for quite a bit and his boss rewarded him with two tickets to the game. Not just any tickets either - VIP tickets (which being a Government employee I had to get an ok from our Ethic's Counseler since The Son's company does work for the Government). What might you ask do such tickets get you? First, they come with close in parking as you can see in the bottom picture. Actually we're a lot closer to the stadium than the picture leads you to believe. After entering the stadium, us VIPers are entitled to a free buffet in the Stadium Club which overlooks right field (picture second from bottom). The beer costs but its all you can eat. I concentrated on the sausage sandwiches while The Son stuck with the traditional hot dogs. We both passed on the grilled chicken and broiled fish, but did try the salad bar and fresh baked cookies. Its all about healthy eating you know. Plus they had Old Dominion Ale on tap! The people sitting behind The Son are looking down on the field. Shortly after the picture was taken we manged to snare two of these prized seats. We watched the first inning from there before heading to our seats 9 rows behind home plate. They give you wrist bands to identify you as a VIP and keep the riffraff from spoiling your day. They also have Wait Staff for the VIP sections so we didn't have to bother getting up from our seats to order more beer. The food was still free so I downed a few soft pretzels. The...ummm..atmosphere had us in a good mood so we were more than happy to join in a rousing rendition of "Take me Out To The Ball game" during the 7th inning stretch. It was a beautiful spring day, the Nat's won and we only made two wrong turns trying to get out of the city. Its the last year for RFK. The city is building a new ballpark a few miles away on the Anacostia riverfront. The building's other occupant, DC United, will also move to a new stadium in the near future. The Redskins left years ago for Fed Ex Field, which has never been able to capture the same excitement level as playing in RFK. I'll be a tad sad to see it go, but I'm also looking forward to the new park. The sight lines to the outfield with the Capital in the background is said to be amazing. To those of you that are thinking why weren't we with our Mothers on Mothers Day, rest assured that we tried our best to get Ann to go to the game with The Son, but she passed insisting that a day of peace alone would make her just as happy. So she was happy and so were we. I'm not sure she'll pass next year though with the new ballpark. We shall see. Hope every Mother had a blast on her special day.

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