Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wednesday's Break

I love having Weds as my work at home day. It provides a nice mid-week break. I get to sleep a little later. I get to work in jeans and I don't get bothered a lot by people from the office calling me. As I walked the dogs first thing in the morning before feeding them their breakfast (definitely a highlight of their day), I appreciated what a nice spring day it was and would be and decided that I needed to do something outside during my lunch break. I had never tried rowing on Wednesdays because my usual row of 7 to 8 miles with driving to Sandy Run, unlocking the boathouse, getting oars out, getting the shell out, rowing, getting the shell out of the water, washing the shell off, putting the shell back on the rack, putting the oars away, relocking the boathouse and then driving home, usually takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The drive to Sandy Run takes about 20 min each way so the other time is taken up with rowing stuff. Now as accommodating as my workplace is, taking that long for a lunch would probably be frowned upon. However, I was in the mood for a row so I decided to head on over during lunch and cut down on the distance. With almost any row I do on the Occoquan, I'll row 2 miles and stop at Jacob's Rock (so named because at some point someone had hiked the Fairfax County side of the Occoquan, which is all preserved parkland (Thank You Fairfax!) and spray painted "Jacob" on a large rock located at the water's edge and its been a rowing landmark ever since) for a water break. So I decided I'd try a row to Jacob's Rock and back and see how long it took me. I left the house at 11:15 and was back at 12:55 so not too bad. I worked an extra hour on the tail end of my day to give my employers a full work day. So its definitely doable and I'll try to do it again.

Because I work from home on Weds and Ann does not, I also cook dinner on Weds. With The Son on travel we decided to try and eat on the cheap this week before he returns and demands meals from his cherished Rachel Ray cookbook, which says you can make the meals in 30 minutes, but that's mostly a lie. They also tend to be a little pricey only from the standpoint that they usually call for ingredients and spices that we normally don't have in the house and therefore, have to buy. Anyway, so I made beanie weenies with a salad and crusty sourdough bread for dinner. Not all that figure friendly, but with the amount of brown sugar I put in, very tasty.

Treat Day score for today is a B+. Tasty scones, some sort of fresh fruit parfait thing and Apple Cobbler. No bagels or casserole and nothing to nibble on though out the day.

Miles Rowed Today: 4
Total Miles Rowed 2007: 32.5
Total Miles Biked 2007: 40

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