Friday, May 11, 2007

Feel The Karma

Daughter#1 just had an interesting celebrity sighting. I'll let her tell you:

I work in Norwalk, CT currently right now. for those of you who are geographically impaired, that's about 45 minutes outside of Manhattan. I live in Stamford, CT, about 15 min. south of Norwalk.

I had to run home today late in the afternoon to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner so my boyfriend wouldn't beat me (just kidding!), and as I am navigating Stamford's annoying one-way streets to get home, I find that my street (also one-way) has been blocked off on both ends. Now, they are actually filming a movie here in CT as taxes are cheaper here or something like that, and Robert De Niro is going to be in this movie of which they are filming, but I haven't seen him as of yet.

Anyway, I parked around the corner, and walked down my street where a small crowd of people were formed on one side of Bennett's Steakhouse, the restaurant I live next door to. I asked what was going on, and this dude said the Dalai Lama was eating lunch there. And I was like, seriously? And this other woman said apparently he was done and about to leave the restaurant soon. every cop in Stamford was on alert, there were a bunch of guys in black suits with the earpieces; and some guys in Army gear as well. So I was a believer.

So about 5 minutes later some more guys in black suits came out; then some Army gear guys, then 2 monks in red robes, then His Holiness Himself!! He shook hands with some randoms that were sitting at the outdoor tables @ the restaurant, then he waived to the crowds on the street and then he got into a black SUV and was gone.

Crazy!! I am a lucky girl!

How cool is that?

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