Monday, May 14, 2007

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Ever since Friday morning, I've been having problems with my right eye. It feels like someone has poked me in the eye only no one has. My eye is red, sore and is watering like crazy. I have to close my eye often to make it feel better, which is not such a great thing to have to do while driving. I had a dentist appointment on Friday and I have to drive on I95 and the Beltway to get there. My eyes were these little squinting openings and its a wonder I made it there and back in one piece. If feels a little better today, but still feels irritated. I think it may be time for my eye Doctor to have a look at it.

Friday I got up early (5:30) and went for a row. The water was like glass and the boat was really running. I rowed a little further than I had originally planned just because every thing felt so good (Note: I hadn't screwed up my eye yet - that happened between the row and the trip to the Dentist). When I started away from the dock, there was still mist rising off the water and the sun was just coming up. The sun caught the mist turning it a golden color. It makes getting up all worth it.

After the rowing and the Dentist, Ann and I headed off to Dulles to pick up The Son who was returning from a week in California on business. His boss had called him and said to stop by the office on his way home as there was something he needed to pick up. Now The Son's office is not exactly on our way home. Home is south of Dulles. His office is east of Dulles. Going to his office was going to put us smack in the middle of evening rush hour. But he made the trek as whatever The Son's boss called about seemed important. Low and behold, there was an envelope with two VIP tickets to see the Washington Nationals on Mother's Day. These ticket as literally 9 rows behind home plate and come with a variety of perks. I'll write a separate entry on our day at the ballpark once I can download some of the pictures we took.

Saturday Ann and I did our usual 20 mile ride along the W&OD Trail. Ann is starting to do much better on the ride completing the 10 miles out to Leesburg in 49:27, which was a big improvement over the last time we rode with Daughter#2 when it took her 57 minutes to do the same 10 miles. Coming back we did the ride in 47:00. We started out early - left home a little after 7:00 and we on the trail by 8:10 and we were back home by 11:00. We both ended up taking long afternoon naps.

It appears that we will be traveling to Connecticut the last weekend in July to help Daughter#1 move into a new apartment. She currently has a studio apartment with a loft bed in it. One that I almost threw out her window as I was attempting to assemble it. Thanks Ikea. Anyway, she will be moving into a two bedroom apartment with a roommate. Hopefully that will all work out. She'll be disposing(selling?) her loft and she wants us to bring up her box spring and bed frame that is currently stored in our basement laundry room. Said room hold the remains of various college apartments and dorm rooms including various mattresses, box springs, bed frames, a loft a different one than the one currently residing in CT), microwaves, a table, chairs and a few barely functional vacuums. maybe I should start a furniture rental business.

Miles Rowed This Week: 8
Total Miles Rowed 2007: 40.5
Miles Biked This Week: 20
Total Miles Biked 2007: 60

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