Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The End

Today marks the last post for Holidailies. This is the second year I have participated in this event. At times the words flowed freely and other times it was a struggle to come up with something to write about. Luckily it comes at a time of year where a lot is going on what with the shopping, the preparation, the decorating, the eating and most importantly, the family. The Holidays don't mean nearly as much unless you have someone to share them with. I have reached the stage of my life where my children are now grown (I wonder though sometimes) and live their own lives apart from their mother and I. The days of them waking up at the ass crack of dawn to race downstairs to see what wonders Santa has left is behind us now. I like to think that the magic of Christmas as we exchange gifts these days though is still in their hearts. I know it still exists for me and I'm glad I get to share some of my thoughts with those of you that have dropped by over the proceeding month.

My little blog receives more visits during December due to Holidailes then the rest of the year combined. I like to think I have a little niche talking about the sport of masters rowing interspersed with tidbits of my family and my life. Thank you to those who have dropped by for a read. I hope you found it an enjoyable experience enough that you chose to come back during the rest of the year. Thanks also to the Holidailes Reader Panel who selected my "A Rockwell Christmas" as a Best of Holidailes. Writing it brought back a flood of memories of my childhood Christmases. I like to think that my children fondly remember our traditions and have special memories of their Christmases. They are starting to make their own traditions and memories as they start families of their own. At some point the pitter patter of little feet will return to our house as the grandchildren race downstairs to see what lies under the Christmas tree much as their parents did before them. I know I'll enjoy the ensuing chaos and seeing that special joy on their faces when they open that special present. Afterward we'll all gather around the table for our Christmas feast and experience the joy that comes with being with those that you love.

So from northern Virginia or NOVA as it is referred to hereabouts, here's hoping that your Holidays were all that you hoped them to be and the New Year is as special for you as what you wished for as the clock struck midnight marking the start of the New Year.

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