Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year and It's Back to the Gym

You could certainly tell it was the beginning of a new year in my Sunday erg class at the gym. All the people who made New Year resolutions to hit the gym more often and lose that weight or get in better shape help fill the class. Of the 20 or so ergs there were only a few were not in use. We had many more first time rowers than we usually have on any given date. I can't imagine being a first time rower in that class as it's pretty demanding. However the woman rowing next to me kept right up although her form needs a little refinement. New rowers are a good source of rowers for my club so we really try and encourage them along. If they like to erg, they'll definitely like doing it out on the water. Unless they can't swim, of course. I managed to get in 10,000 meters during the class, which is more than enough for me in one sitting.

After erg class, Ann made us tuna sandwiches for lunch and she, The Son and I settled in to watch the football play-offs. We watched the Baltimore Ravens beat up on Miami and once the game was in hand we decided to watch a Netflix movie - "Burn After Reading". I have to say, given the cast, it was a bit disappointing. It had a few good chuckles, but definitely could have been better. After the movie was over, we switched back to football and watched Philly play Minnesota. I think I'm about footballed out for a while anyway.

It will come as quite a shock to have to go back to work tomorrow. Getting up at 3:30 sounds like torture. I haven't had to go in on a Monday since October. Back to the old routine. Retirement sounds better everyday.

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