Friday, January 2, 2009

The Saga Continues and Speed Racer

Today was my return to work day. Granted a work from home day, but work day nonetheless. In order to do that successfully, I need Internet access. Guess what I didn't have for most of the day? I signed on at 6:30 (yes my work day does start that early) and I had Internet access for a while. Then like clockwork, come 9:00 AM, down it went. It was spotty the rest of the day. We were already scheduled for a service call from Comcast to replace our Gateway (combination cable modem and wireless router) so we didn't call for help. However, Comcast did call us - twice. We went over our problems and they promised action. Our service technician showed up around 2:00 and began the diagnostic work. A second technician joined him shortly thereafter. The box on the street, recently repaired, was still functioning properly. However, their opinion was that the line from the cable box on the street to the back of the house was bad as the signal drop off was too great for anything else. They ran a temporary line from the box to the back of the house. It will take about two weeks to get it buried as Miss Utility has to be notified and the other utility lines marked. After the temporary line was hooked up, they decided the line from the back of the house to the cable modem also needed to be replaced. That's suppose to happen tomorrow. The Gateway? The one the technician from last week call an antique? Not replaced. In fact today's tech called it a pretty good piece of equipment. So who knows. Tomorrow is another day I have to set aside for the cable guy.

The Son also continues to drive us a bit nuts. Friday night is our pizza night. We decided tonight to eat at home rather that at the pizza place. Right after we called in the order, The Son calls and tells us he's been pulled over for speeding on his way home from work. The State Trooper claims he was going 85 mph in a 55 mph zone and tells The Son he could spend the next 24 hours in jail for going that fast and operating his car in a reckless manner. Needless to say The Son is in a panic at this point. He hangs up as the Trooper returns to The Son's car after running his license and tags. I figure at best he gets a ticket for speeding and reckless driving, which usually means a court appearance here in Virginia. So The Son calls back a few minutes later and tells me I have to come pick him up at jail. When I ask him where, The Son laughs and says just kidding. He got off with just a warning. Amazing. I still feel like strangling him.


The Son said...

The whole getting pulled over thing was a crock now that I really look back at it. He says he "paced me" at 85. Oh really? That's hard to believe considering it was a) rush hour and b) I was in a merge lane. If he did pace me at 85 it's because he was flying down the merging lane at 75 and wouldn't let me over. The jerk.

And secondly, why do you think I sprung extra money for the Eclipse GT V6? Because it guzzles Premium gas? :)

It was all a scam!

THE Princess said...

Tsk, tsk ... that's kind of mean. The letting him think you had been arrested/were in jail part, I mean.

I would never do that to my daddy.