Thursday, January 1, 2009

When It Rains It Pours

Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years celebration. Ann and I actually managed to make it to midnight and celebrate with a kiss and a bottle of white sparkling wine. Those are wild times for us.

On the heels of hanging around the house most of the week while our Internet problems were straightened out by Comcast (for the most part - connectivity still seems to be an on and off again proposition), The Son informed us last night, around 10:00 PM that he had no heat and that he had not had heat in his condo most of the week. I mean why wait until then to tell us? Bah. He chose to stay at his condo for the night, but we did take him a ceramic space heater so he had some heat. So today, a holiday, we arranged for a service call. At twice the usual service call price. Turned out his thermostat, which looked about as old as the condo, was bad and needed to be replaced. Oh my god the price of that was unbelievable. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it. Yikes.

The Son, on a roll, also had lost his cell phone. We went and replaced that for him. Someone needs to grow up a bit. I'm waiting payment for the new phone. He also didn't order new contacts and is now out. It's like we're still raising a middle school kid. After all the running around, we finally got home around 3:30. Sigh. And tomorrow is a work day even if it is from home. So much for Christmas vacation.

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The Son said...

I suppose I need to start reading your blog more, as I didn't know slander was apart of it. I didn't have heat for about 2 days, 3 at most before notifying you guys. Need I remind you that what fixed it last time was jiggling the door of the heater; hardly a reason to call in the platoon immediately.

Also, I found my cell phone. Can you believe it? But it was a terrible phone with a cracked faceplate that needed replacement anyway.

Now that I've cleared a few things up; when it rains it does pour. Every month something happens that hammers me for about $500. Every month.

Hopefully February will bring better financial times :)