Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Day Another Dollar

Nothing too exciting today. It was a work from home day as I ditched out on my office Christmas party. The day did turn out a little busier than I anticipated as people keep e-mailing me with questions. I have a Request for Proposal out on the street and people have all sorts of questions. You deal with them the best you can.

Working from home did give me a chance to erg today. I did a 5000 meter row and while not beating my best ever time, I was close enough to indicate that I'm getting back into shape. If i can get my average 500 meter split down another second, I'll be right where I should be. I'll try and do another longer row tomorrow. It's hard making myself erg sometimes. It does tend to get a little boring especially on the longer rows.

After finishing up work for the day, I was in the mood for something light and funny. One of my kids, I can't remember if it was Daughter#1 or The Son, gave me "Beerfest" for Christmas last year. I wonder why? Anyway it's pretty stupid movie, but very funny too. It was just what I needed.

After the movie, I somehow got roped into preparing dinner. It was actually fairly easy. It just involved throwing a steak on the grill. It was prepared with peppercorns so it was a bit different. Add french fries and some mixed veggies and we were all set. Unfortunately, we failed to plan for desert and we were all out of ice cream. We settled for some Hershey Kisses instead.

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Anonymous said...

Beerfest is a great movie!!!