Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Today was a day I imagine my relatives in Scotland see a lot. It was cloudy, drizzly, foggy and cold. It was kind of a depressing day actually. As we're a good week into December, it was definitely time to go look for a Christmas tree so off we went. We get our tree from a local nursery. The nursery was decked out for the holidays.

We parked the car and we headed out to find a tree. We usually get a Douglas fir and this year was no exception. We actually found our tree in the first few minutes. You can see it just to the right of and in front of The Son. Of course we spent another 20 minutes looking at all the other trees before we decided that that one was the one.

The nursery people cut the bottom of the tree for us and some of the lower branches. They bundled it up and tied it to the top of our van. Ann went in to pay for it. They give you a free poinsettia with each tree.

They also have a small buffet set up. You can catch a snack and some hot chocolate after the exhausting work of buying a tree. They also have a Santa for the kids, but I couldn't convince The Son to let me take a picture of him and Santa.

As we sat down to enjoy our snack we were surrounded by poinsettas. Quite the festive atmosphere.

After our snack we drove home to wrestle our tree into the stand and get it set up. This usually means many adjustments to get the tree to sit straight, but this year it seemed to go a little smoother than most. Ann added some water to keep the tree fresh. Because the tree was wet, we decided to wait a day to decorate it. We'll just enjoy the fresh pine smell for a while.

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