Saturday, December 8, 2007

What To Do?

So today I woke up and really didn't know what to do with myself. No rowing practice to be at by 7:00AM. No College Game Day to watch. No college football to watch. My whole world was different. Oh I suppose I could have hung around and watched some college basketball, but in my mind its still too early. I can't really start getting into college basketball until all the college football bowl games are over. Speaking of college football, how sad is it that Navy football coach Paul Johnson is leaving Navy to coach at Georgia Tech? He's paid his dues, of course, and what he has done at Navy speaks volumes of him as a coach. I can understand him wanting to move up the football food chain. But still. It takes someone really special to coach at a service academy. Anyone can win at Ga Tech, but not at Navy. Many have tried and few have succeeded. You're not getting the real blue chip prospects. Those with designs on the NFL don't want to waste their prime parked on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Still it was nice to see Navy returned to respectability. Navy has a soft spot in my heart. I wanted to go there when I was a little kid. I lived not far from the academy when I was in high school. We use to drive down to the academy and sneak into their squash courts to play handball. The first college football game I attended was to watch Navy play. So thanks Paul, but you'll be missed.

So while trying to decide what to do with my day, Ann dragged me into our office to do some on-line Christmas shopping. We got one person done. Speed shoppers we are not. Sometimes you just have to hit the button that says "Proceed to Checkout". Reminds me of the scene in "Top Gun" where after Goose dies and Maverick is flying with a new RIO and he's trying him to get Maverick to engage. Sometimes you just have to quit reading on line reviews and take the shot. Talk to me Goose.

Our dilemma of what to do with our day was finally solved by The Son, who upon his emergence from his cave, demanded to be fed and, oh by the way, lets go shop for furniture. What guy likes to shop for furniture? So we went and feasted on some ribs (Memphis Dry Rub for me and Honey Glazed for The Son, Brunswick Stew and a Pulled Pork sandwich for Ann) and I had a beer to steady my nerves before we headed off to look at new furniture for The Son's new condo. It wasn't as bad as I expected and he did find some things he liked for his bedroom and living room. We'll be heading back tomorrow to buy them when they're suppose to be having some big sale. We'll see. After all that the afternoon was all but gone. On getting home, I was tagged with the responsibility for making something for dinner, but since we have no food in the house at the moment, bacon and eggs it was. Such an exciting life.

This post also marks my 100th post. Let's hope it's the first of many such milestones.

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