Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pot Luck Karma

Karma she is a bitch. Yesterday I mentioned here how The Son had waited to the last minute to inform us that he needed a dish to take to work for a pot luck party at his office. Well as I was getting ready for work in the wee hours of this morning, I remembered that, lo, my team at work was having a pot luck breakfast to say goodbye to a teammate. I had signed up to bake some pumpkin bread and also bring in some donuts. I had completely forgot until that moment. Oops. My team was very understanding and still let me come and pig out with them. As it turns out there was plenty of food, but I felt badly about it.

Today was also the last day for me to commute down to southern Maryland until January 7. Whoo Hoo! I still have to work some of those days in between, but at least they will be from home. Actually tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day. Lots to be done before the Contractors we deal with shut down for the Holidays.

The UPS and Fed Ex men are starting to beat a path to our door and the presents are coming in droves. Santa has been very busy and we must have been very good. It's a stand-off to who should answer the door less the delivery be for the person answering the door. My Dad's presents arrived today in two separate boxes. Large boxes. He and his gf always go a bit overboard, but it's always appreciated. Now if I can just bribe Daughter#1 to wrap Ann's gifts for me, I'll be all set.

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