Monday, December 17, 2007

Mingling With the Masses

Today was a day to start cleaning up the last few items to finally be ready for Christmas. To pick up the last remaining gifts and get out the last Christmas cards. Although is it ever really done? Ann and I took today off to continue to use up or use or lose vacation days. Ann needed to get a gift card for her aunt so we headed to Wal*Mart. Apparently Wal*Mart is one of the few stores her elderly Aunt will go to. I dread going to that place. The masses that inhabit the store have to be seen to believed. While Ann paid for the gift card, I grabbed a few odds and ends. As always it seems the lines were long and the people trying to cash out seemed to be idiots - don't bring items to the checkout that aren't marked. After exiting we headed to Red Robin for some lunch. While waiting for our order, we did our yearly gift comparison. We try to make sure that the kids are each getting nearly the same in terms of dollar value. We listed what we had gotten for each and decided that Daughter#1 and The Son In Law were done. We were a little short with Daughter#2 and completely lost with The Son. Its a bit difficult with The Son and his moving into his own place later this week. He needs everything. We're a bit overwhelmed with where to start. He has a bed, but no bedding. He has furniture, but no lighting. He has a kitchen, but no plates, pans knives, glasses etc. Plus he wants to paint the place three days before Christmas. Like we don't have enough stress in our lives. Lord help me.

Speaking of The Son and how some things never change, on his way home from work he calls home and informs us that tomorrow is their pot luck party at work and he needs to bring in a main dish. He tells us this as the sun is setting and we're about to start cooking our own meal. Thanks for the warning. We decided to let him buy us a KFC dinner because we're all about healthy eating. Did you know there are 0 trans fat in their fried chicken? Who knew? See? Healthy. In exchange for him buying dinner, Ann made what were were going to have for dinner - Mexican Lasagna for him to take in for tomorrow's party. He lives a charmed life.

With any luck tomorrow will be my last commute to work until January 7. I will be working some from home, but for the most part my work year is complete. It's time for family, Christmas, Bowl Games and celebrating the New Year. Life is good.

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