Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Home

So Today The Son became a home owner. He had closing on his condo this morning. It started with a final walk through at 9:00. The fact that he didn't wake up until 8:30 and still hadn't showered at 8:45 wasn't a good start to the day, but we finally arrived at the condo at 9:10. We met our Realtor there. We checked everything once again. We had had a home inspection performed about two weeks ago so we weren't expecting any changes and none were really found. After the walk through, we headed off to closing. For those that have been through closing its mostly pretty boring, but terrifying at the same time. You sign document after document without seriously reading most of it. You just hope that you're not signing your first born away. Those lawyers can be tricky that way. Ann and I just sat there for the most part and let The Son do his thing. The only problems that arose was no key for the mailbox or to the padlock that held the storage area in the basement secured. After he received the keys to his new mansion less those that were missing), we headed off for a celebratory lunch. We tentatively laid out a budget for him. Things could be a little tight for a while, but he should be ok.

After lunch we headed off to do some shopping for his new place. He needs a lot of lamps and a new TV. We weren't successful with the lamps and decided to let Daughter#1 and her mad shopping skills handle that so we headed off to Circuit City. After some deliberation, The Son selected and paid for a new TV and a new DVD player. They should keep him adequately amused for years to come. Things should come start coming together tomorrow as his furniture arrives. Lets hope it fits. He can't really live there though until lamps are purchased. The search will begin in earnest tomorrow. This shopping stuff is really tiring.

Daughter#1 arrives tomorrow. Two kids at home and the third and final one to arrive on Sunday. Then it will truly be Christmas.

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