Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hang 10

For a day off from work, it was quite a busy day. It started off with the sad task of taking Daughter#1 to Dulles for her flight back to JFK. I always enjoy having her home and it's always sad when she has to go back to her home in Connecticut. It's my secret wish that she'll move back closer to home at some point, but that's more wishful thinking on my part than anything. I have to say she gave me a great present for Christmas. Among other things, she gave me Josh Groban's Christmas album "Noel". Apparently I'm the last person in the country to hear about this CD. It is so wonderful. If you haven't heard it or bought, go do it now. Or at least put it on your Wish List for next Christmas. You won't be disappointed.

After taking Daughter #1 to the airport, the rest of the day was taken up doing errands to get The Son's condo in move in condition. Today it was getting and hanging curtains in his living room. We went to his condo to check some measurements and then headed to Target. Ann had an idea of what drapes she wanted to purchase from looking on line, but seeing them at the store had us looking for alternatives. We finally decided on some and purchased a curtain rod too and headed back to the condo. I'm the first to admit, and the rest of my family would be quick to agree, that Mr. Handyman I am not. Anything like this usually does not go well and today was no exception. At first things seemed to be going well. I got the curtain rod up and Ann was starting to hang the curtains and then she noticed that the bracket on one side was pulling out of the wall. We argued about whether the reason was because the curtains were too heavy or that we had inadvertently loosened the bracket in putting on the curtains. Regardless, we needed new mounting hardware. While back out, Ann bought new lighter curtains and I purchased 3 different kinds of anchors figuring one would work. Back at the condo, I drilled new pilot holes for the anchors, unfortunately, I couldn't make them deep enough for the new anchors. Something behind the drywall was preventing the drill from getting through. After breaking 3 or 4 anchors, I gave up. I tried the old pilot holes and was able to get new anchors in and they held and we finally got the drapes up. They look very nice, but I do need to Spackle up the the holes not used.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Optometrist. I really need new new lenses for my glasses. My current lenses are Transition lenses. They're the ones that darken in sunlight and lighten indoors. Somehow the anti-glare part has gone bad and it looks like I'm constantly looking through a smear on the glasses, but no amount of cleaning will clear them up. When I took them in to have them checked out, I was told they could strip off the anti-glare, but every once in a while that turned into a disaster and it would looked like the lens had been microwaved. Without a spare pair of glasses and since it had been almost two years since I had a check-up, we mutually agreed to hold off until after my exam and get new lenses put in. That should put another massive dent in the budget, but worth it if I can see properly.

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