Saturday, December 15, 2007

Of Rowing and Basketball

Today was a lazy Saturday. The way weekends are suppose to be. After waking up, I helped Ann walk the two furry kids, before feeding them their breakfast. After the walk, I got on the computer and surfed around and ordered a gift or two online. I think we've pretty much finished our shopping except for The Son. We'll probably have to visit an actual store for his presents since its getting pretty late. Otherwise most of the gifts we've purchased are en route to us.

I did manage to hop on the erg today. I did a 30:00 minute row and managed to bring my 500 meter split down another half second or so. The last three 30:00 minute rows I recorded average splits at 2:11.5, 2:10.5 and today 2:10.1. Correspondingly, the meters rowed have gone from 6,846 to 6,897 to 6,918 today. I'd like to get back over 7,000 meters before the end of the month. I'm slowly getting there. Tomorrow is my erg class assuming the weather isn't too bad. We're suppose to get mostly just rain so it should be ok. Going to class will let me get in another 10,000 meters.

After my workout Ann, The Son and I headed out to the local pizza place and had lunch before going grocery shopping. I don't know how we spend so much on groceries and we didn't even buy for our holiday dinner.

Today was also a bit unusual for having both Ann's and Daughter#1's college (Ohio) and The Son's college (Radford) on TV for basketball. Being mid major schools at best, they're rarely on TV. So we were looking forward to spending some time in front of the tube. Unfortunately Ohio was playing Kansas, which is ranked#3 in the country and Radford was playing Georgetown, which is ranked #5. There is a reason underdogs rarely win. The difference in athleticism and height of the players between the big schools and Ohio and Radford was painfully obvious. Both Ohio and Radford fell behind early by big margins. Ohio played Kansas even after their disastrous start, Radford I'm not sure. It got painful to watch. Oh well Radford is rebuilding. We'll see how they're doing in a few years. At least they were on TV.

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